The Heart Of Our Organization


THIQA aims to raise our own decarbonization ambition, we will better support our clients on their journey by tapping into the power of digital technologies and their identified potential to reduce carbon emissions by promoting Climate Friendly technologies for the future.

Social Responsibility

THIQA is committed to diversity, inclusion and education. We want our employees to feel safe and accepted in the workplace so that they can bring their best to our business and also raised public awareness by leading addressable, real challenges voluntarily.

Governance and Digital Trust

We believe we have a responsibility to work towards a safe and secure digital space. This means working in partnership with others in the industry to provide standards for the safety and security of data. It is this that makes us the trusted digital partner of choice.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Journey


CO2 Reduction Targets

To offset its CO2 emissions of all its activities, THIQA’ promoting green technologies are now part of the Strategic Plans


Sustainable & Renewable Energy

To contribute to a more decarbonized society by promoting digital solutions that reduce the impact on the environment,


Global Commitment

Climate change commitments are made by THIQA as part of the Paris Agreement and EU taxonomy.


Environmental Initiatives

launched our Environmental initiatives. We’re telling the world that if you care about plastics, you need to care about climate change.


Net Zero Emissions

NeoCeptual commits to the 1.5°C SBT by 2025 and to reach Net Zero emissions by 2035. We have successfully executed our Phase 1 plans.


Diversity & Digital Accessibility

NeoCeptual proud to call ourselves inclusive employer. We seek out digital natives and cultivating a culture of innovation.


Data Safety

Our offering based on trust and interoperability across all cloud users and providers. Customer can ensures full control and privacy of data.



We are convinced that our future success depends on the principle that business should be conducted both profitably and responsibly.


Vigilance Plan

NeoCeptual commitment to integrity and strong foundation of ethics and compliance is reflected in its Vigilance Plan.

Geared Towards Sustainable And Profitable Growth,

Being the leader in secure and decarbonized digital solution provider. We are happy to share our priorities for Corporate Social Responsibility and how we can pave the way for a more responsible era.